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                             INA MEITAL METHOD

                                           Advanced Energetic Reseach of the Human Health



The treatment method created by Ina Meital is an innovative and very effective system bringing solution to all kinds of problems that any other way of treatment cannot resolve.


The method is based on the innate abilities of Ina Meital. A high ability to analyze the physical / emotional state of a person and the access to energies which makes her able to diagnose the energetic status of the person and to treat the problem from it's cause. Once the problem is really solved, the person will never suffer it again.


In a moment of her life for some personal needs, Ina Meital, with the help of a therapist developed her potential. On this day, this potential is a method enriched by various particular and official level studies. Has 10 years of professional experience dealing with various problems using only the method, or in conjunction with conventional medicine.


This method is very effective, quick and flexible. It is well suited to anyone depending on the character and the problem to be solved. Regardless of the problem that makes the person start the treatment, any other problem that he/she may already have is also resolved. This is possible because in each one of us everythig is related. Health problems come as a result of internal conflicts you have, and vice versa, if one does not solve his/her emotional suffering, he/she can become ill.


The method treats all intenal conflicts from their cause with the purpose of preventing deseases and to improve the quality of life of the person in all aspects. From health to skills development, which in turn will help the person to be more successful in everything he/she wants to do in life.


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