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                            INA MEITAL METHOD

                                   Advanced Energetic Reseach of the  Human Health



The treatment method of Ina Meital does not include any ritual or other things normally associated with magic or quackery and does not resemble any known treatment so far. It treats any problem regardless of it's age.


Using this method it is not possible to treat psychological problems without improving the physical and vice versa. All things are connected.


To address health problems you need to find the emotional conflict that created it, and that is the cause of the problem. After determining the cause, the exact place where these emotions are creating an imbalance, which in turn produces the health problem must be found. It is the only way to eliminate the problem forever.


The method has the potential to find the cause of any problem regardless of whether the person is aware of the problem or not.


The treatment of health problems also allows significantly improve the person's emotional state.


To give an example, speaking of allergy of any kind, one should know that it is a feeling of rejection: the person feels rejected by someone or the person can reject someone or something and does not accept him/herself for feeling this rejection. He/she may be rejecting his/her own wisdom and not hear his/her inner voice, which means that he/she acts against him/herself and so on.


This means, that for treating allergy, the exact emotion that has caused it must first be found. Only a conversation with the person about his internal conflict will not help to solve the problem. Each emotion is energy. If the emotion is building a conflict inside the person, this in turn will create an energetic imbalance, which causes the allergy.


What really helps is to eliminate harmful energies.


In a similar way any psychological problems are treated. For example, depression is when a person has emotions and does not know what they are and because of that he/she feels exhausted. Talking to this person often does not help, because his/her emotional state does not allow. But removing the emotion from it's beggining helps the person to find the internal relaxation, the feeling that life is beautiful and feel again enthusiasm for doing things. Help to find the meaning of life.


The way to treat the person depends on the problem and it's cause. In some cases only the method of Ina Meital is used. In other cases, in parallel with Ina Meital's method the program LIFE Biofeedback and Bioresonance is used. How Ina Meital works with this system is absolutely different from the accepted way. As Ina Meital has access to energy and the system is also a vibrational energy treatment, she found a very effective and powerful way to treat. L.I.F.E. is a state assessment tool that identifies the vibrational energy imbalances of the body on the physical, emotional, and mental levels. The L.I.F.E. system is designed to assist in reducing stress and increasing muscle relaxation. It has been CE certified and registered throughout the European Union as a class 2A medical instrument. Furthermore, the L.I.F.E. system has been registered in the U.S.A, Australia and South Africa. The L.I.F.E. system is the only device of its kind that has achieved this level of security certification.




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