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                           INA MEITAL METHOD

                                 Advanced Energetic Reseach of the Human Health


Many times I got to treat people already in conventional treatment or that had to go through it.

Year 2003. 45 year old woman. Doctor of Medicine.

Reason: Right eye lens operation.

Treatment: in 2001 she already went through an operation of the left eye lens. She explained me that after the operation she had severe pain in the eye and discomfort for some time. I offered her to treat ithe eye before the new operation to prepare it for intervention. When there is a physical problem, there is always an energically unbalanced state behind. If prior to any operation the place where the intervention should take place is prepared energetically, the person is emotionally pretty quiet, the operation proceeds in the best way possible and the doctors recognize it, because after the operation the site is almost painless, there is no vomiting, no infections and recovery is much faster and more convenient. 3 therapies made the eye prepared for operation.

Result: After leaving the clinic, the woman told me that she was surprised by the fact that it did't hurt anything. In several days she had no feeling of having undergone an operation.



I had many experiences of pre and postoperative cases of knees and hips. All operations gave perfect results without any side effects or infections.

Year 2008. 55 year old man. Businessman.

Reason: he went through a hip replacement surgery. After that operation he had to operate two more times the same hip because the place got infected and had to be opened for disinfection. When he came to the consult it was before going through the following operation because the place had become inflamed.

Treatment: after 5 therapies the scar opened itself naturally and the body began to remove the liquid that was inside, resulting from internal inflammation. The doctor was covering the place so as not to infect, because the wound was open. After the wound purified itself the natural way, the man undergone another surgery. The scar got closed and today it is in perfect condition.



Year 2010. 58 year old woman. Entrepreneur.

Reason: operation to plug a hole in the wall of the heart.

Treatment: with 4 sessions the heart was prepared.

Result: The operation was perfect in the opinion of doctors. Had almost no pain. At 2 days after the operation she went to work.



Year 2006. 48 year old woman.

Reason: went through a cosmetic operation with the purpose of reducing the size of the breasts. 3 days after the operation the scars opened and the doctors couldn't close them 2 weeks.

Treatment: after 5 therapies the scars began to close in a natural way, together with the help of treating physicians. The energy is very powerful. To help close the scars it was necessary to eliminate the energy that caused the growth of breasts in a disproportionate manner.



Year 2007. 53 year old woman. Physiotherapist.

Reason: broken shoulder humeral head and the operation to place a prosthesis.

one day before the operation she went through the preparation and then once every 2 weeks throughout the season of recovery with medical treatment. The doctor was surprised because she regained all the arm movements. When the place where you put the prosthesis is energetically balanced, the body does not reject it, it will not get infected and in parallel with a workout it is likely to recover all movements.



Year 2009. 30 year old man. The son of a patient.

Reason: critical condition by a fall in the mountains.

Treatment: a medical report that his mother sent me in a message on 25/04/2009 said: patient admitted to the ICU for acute respiratory failure, thrombosis of the vertebral artery in cervical zone, rib fractures, vertebral, and dorsal serious condition.
In parallel with the doctors, I was treating him several times a day, because in that condition the treatment had to be very intensive. According to doctors there was no hope because the thrombus in the vertebral artery was too near the brain and there was no possibility of removing it. The method allows to break any thrombus with energy and the thrombus disappeared as shown by radiography. His condition was getting stabilized. On May 14 he was moved from Barcelona to Ibiza to another hospital for further treatment. Doctors who treated him in the ICU sincerely told the parents that it was a miracle, because they expected him to die or at best stay in a wheelchair. But his recovery was amazing and inexplicable.


Result: today he is quite healthy, works and rides the horse in his spare time.


June 2009. premature baby 1 week old.

His aunt told me that his condition was very serious, he was dying and that it would be a tragedy for the family because the child's mother, who is her sister, is 44 years old and probably will not have another child. She also explained that the child stopped breathing several times and the amount of ammonium in the blood was 1600, while the higher standard is 60. This amount of ammonium seriously affects the brain. The child was born without the ability to create an enzyme that helps digest proteins.

My Diagnosis: showed that his brain was still functioning well so I decided to treat him. When the body is energetically balanced all conventional treatments bring better results.

Treatment: During the day 07/06 and 08/06 I did 7 therapiess in hope of balancing the level of ammonium and to remove the effects of the large imbalance that he was suffering. On day 9 his aunt told me that he is dying and there is no hope, but on day 11 she called me and said that the boy did not die and that his condition was something better. I turned to treat him and after 2 months in hospital he was taken home. According to doctors there was no hope that his brain will work well and that his development will be correct. But while no evidence did demonstrate any brain problems. Treatment once or twice a week helped keep the child in balance, remove as much as possible side affects of the many medications he received.
On September 14 and his condition got unbalanced again and the ammonium level was very high. At the time the child was again admitted in the hospital and I was intensively treating him to remove the negative effects that might produce this increase of ammonium in the brain. This was repeated several times. Yet the child was growing well with no problem, but just a little slower than most children. No medical evidence showed any cerebral insufficiency.
In September 2011 the child was made a liver transplant to eliminate the problem of protein indigestion. I prepared him for the operation. The transplant went well, but after a month, when he had to return to eat the same, he vomited all, the body refused to eat. Therapies help him to overcome the problem. He began to eat.

Result: today he is fine, eats everything, has no problem in the brain that affects his development.


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