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In the "Anatomy of the energetic body" tab, point number 11 is the point that shows that the person has a potential to cancer. This potential is easy to remove because it is still only on energy level and there are still no cancer cells in the physical body. When this point appears, from there starts out an energy that develops towards the organ which will suffer cancer. When this energy begins to penetrate the organ the cancer appears as we know it.

The origin or cause of cancer are the internal conflicts of the individual. These conflicts are the result of the lack of acceptance of one's emotions and thoughts. This lack of acceptance is creating and nurturing a continuing dissatisfaction with oneself. As a result, the energetic body crashes and suffers a great imbalance. The energetic point of cancer appears. Depending on the internal conflict, a certain organ gets unbalanced and becomes susceptible to the input of the energy that leads to cancer. Every organ in the human body corresponds to a specific emotional conflict. When a person explains in which organ he/she has cancer, you can know what his/her main internal conflict is. If it is a liver cancer, it is anger. If the cancer is in the pancreas it is the inability to recognize the sweetness of life and so on.

The person that made me understand the cause of cancer was a woman who came to my office with breast cancer.

This woman was suffering from bipolarity since she was quite young and I think that later, at the age of 40, the same conflict with her own emotions had developed into cancer. When she told me that she has breast cancer, I told her that in my experience, the person who has breast cancer is the person seeking to nurse someone or that wants to be nursed. It is her problem as a mother, or with her own mother. This woman had no children, but told me that it's true that she has a very important problem with what she feels for her mother since young age. It was not a problem between them. It was a problem she had with herself, it was a situation that was affecting her enough, that she would like to change, but didn't know how.

The problem developed because her mother did not live at home for many years because she was working in another country. For that girl her "mother" was her older sister, who helped her to grow. And when this woman was 17 her mother returned home. At this time she realized that she doesn't love her mother because she doesn't know her, and that conclusion made her horrified. She felt wrong with this, looking for love her, but what she wanted to feel with her mother she was feeling with her older sister. And there was no way to feel for her mother what she thought she must be feeling.

This woman helped me finally understand what is the leading cause of cancer and see it clearer.

The cause of cancer are not the emotions themselves. Feeling what you feel will not hurt you. They are your emotions and it doesn't matter with whom you feel them and what you feel. The cause of any cancer is a conflict between the emotions we feel and our beliefs, understandings, conclusions, education, expectations etc. we have in our mind. We do not agree with what we feel.

Internal conflicts are not solved in one day, the person needs time. When the cancer point appears in a negative position it is not known how long can it take until the cancer will appear physically. This depends on the person's emotional state, if he/she leads a healthy way of life or not so etc. For example, smoking by itself does not cause cancer, but if you have the potential on energetic level and also smoke, cancer may develop faster than a to nonsmoker.

Different experiences showed me that the best and easiest thing is to prevent the cancer. But do not start the work from the emotional level. First you have to balance the energetic body and remove the point which is the origin of cancer.

The experience with people who already had cancer and were in conventional treatment, showed me that treating the cause of cancer and balancing the energetic state of the patient helps to remove the side effects of chemotherapy.

The only way to avoid repeating the cancer is by treating to balance the energetic body and to help the person resolve his/her internal conflicts.


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