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My history with Ina is the most precious I've had in my life. I met her through my sister. On the 5th day after my son was born we were told that he was going to die because he had a serious metabolic problem and that in the unlikely event that he will continue living he would be very affected on the neurological level. Ina from the beginning said that my son will live and also not to worry because he will live without any neurological problem. Thanks to her words I was filled with positivity and had the faith that the doctors had taken away. Ina treated him day and night, talking to my sister every day to know the evolution of the child, my great champion, and that was how we were living up to his liver transplant that also turned out to be a great success. He is now a happy and cheerful child and the light that gives us strength and great enthusiasm for life.
To Ina I would like to say that I will never be able to thank her for her help, support and love. Also thanks to her I have the strength to care for my son because without her help I would have plunged hearing everyday the words of doctors saying there was no solution. Now doctors believe in miracles because in his hospital they call him the "little miracle".

Heartfelt thanks Ina, eternally grateful!




I went to study the final year of the college abroad, and there I began to suffer episodes of burdens, anxieties, even passing out in class sometimes. The solution I got was medical: anxiolytics and even antidepressants, but my situation did not improve permanently. I was also going to a psychologist during a few months, but soon got tired, seeing no sense or evolution. I spent like that almost 9 years, some times better and some times worse. I had defined some situations that would make me feel worse, and the "bad" periods were exasperating. Through my roommate, I met Ina's therapy. Seeing that he went a long way at 2-3 months, I decided to try it. Before that I had tried everything, meditation, yoga, medication, psychology ... and though my condition was not very serious it was a slab with some frequency. The sensations of choking, dizziness, exhaustion ... were almost a part of my life and I began to accept it with anger and resignation. I started Ina's therapy without really understanding how it worked. However, I was convinced of wanting to give an opportunity for seeing that for my roommate it did work.
The truth is that after a month I started noticing changes. For 6-7 months I was going to the therapy sessions once a week. I began a new life. I began to know, to understand, namely to recognize and manage emotions, to live them positively. The truth is that the more I was improving the more I was learning, and wanted to deepen. After 9 years of anxieties I started to have long periods of being well, and getting better.
After a year, in which I considered myself "cured", I wanted to continue with the therapy. A different rhythm, a once every two / three weeks, but I wanted to follow because I'm still learning about myself, about emotions, about relationships. Now I am in a balanced position that surprises me and I may even help people around me that are not in so good condition. The difficulties of work, love, money, I know to lead in a manner of which I am proud, and feel I have entered a vicious circle in which every positive opportunity / situation / experience is to keep growing. For years I have not felt again that anxiety that was nullifying me constantly. It was something that changed my level and quality of life. It has given me assurance that I even noticed at the professional level. I only know that to me it has worked, and I have marked a before and an after.

Man, 34, marketing manager.



Hello Ina!!
I am writing to tell you that I never forget you and that you are always in my mind. Well, I know I am a little tiresome because every time I write to tell you the same thing, but that's what I feel and I want to share with you. Do not forget that thanks to you I am who I am now and I am very happy, rather more confident than before and with a maturity that I never thaught I could get. I stopped being afraid of things, I can face everything without fear, and I think this is what finally made ​​me a happy person. I feel good, I have a lot of mental and physical energy and well, in short, I don't think I can complain about anything. I learned to be happy.
I wanted you to know that I'm very thankful to you and whenever I have any doubt in my life, I think of you and it's all much easier.

A 53-year-old bank employee.



I came to Ina's consultation at a difficult time for me.
Ina taught me to recognize my strengths, improved with her treatment all the positive things that are inside me and tought me how me to generate positive energy. She is able to eliminate the negative energy that others send me. In therapy I got a better quality of life in both the affective aspect and in the workplace. And above all I think the most important thing I've learned is that fear is useless.

Montserrat Tarrida, business director



I met Ina more than seven years ago through my sister who had serious emotional problems. It was a kinesiology therapist who gave her Ina's number because as he said to my sister, he could not help her any more, he had done all that had been in his hands and that for such deep emotional issues he had met a woman working with a different therapy. As my sister went in so bad condition to the hands of Ina, every time she left the consultation she felt "Immediately" a relief, as if she had taken a load off. As if losing important problems ... she was walking out with hope and renewed strength and was noticing it right away.


Me however, when I came to the consult I think I can say that I was not so bad. In fact, I went to Ina for my husband at the time, because he needed help for severe anxiety problems accompanied by irritable bowel among others. But even the best of doctors cannot help you when you do not want to help yourself, so my husband stopped therapy because it was stirring feelings and emotions he did not want to see or feel, but then I started the therapy "and it was the best I could do." As I was not so charged with problems as my sister I did not notice that immediate relief after leaving the office. But the effects were subtle but clear to me and real. What a difference since I started so far! So I still go today and will continue going.
Ina helped me from the beginning to "become aware" of my actions, my life, myself ...
She recently treated my father with his heart. He suffered a heart attack two weeks ago. The therapy also works on the distance, so it does not need the person to believe in it or not, knowingly or not. IT WORKS. Ina revised the energy system of my father and confirmed that it was not serious. So, he is out of hospital and he is fine. I once read something in a book I liked: "The whole universe is governed by laws. No matter whether you believe in them or not, they are there. No matter you believe or not in the law of gravity, we all live under the influence of that law "
I can also add that the therapy helped me to reconnect with myself and to start to be more “myself” on personal and professional levels. It added self esteem to me and self value what has allowed me to start my career as a singer, and to improve in my tasks and job opportunities as an export manager.

Nuria Marin
Terrassa - Barcelona / marin.nuri / jazzevening


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